Coaching Excellence 9 of 10

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The client determines the focus and the priorities. An excellent coach has a process for exploring the goals the client chooses, considering barriers, and planning actions. One way to understand the process of coaching sessions is to have the conversation before starting.

An excellent coach shares their coaching process. For example:

* The Opening Session is to understand the big picture

o Plan on at least 90 minutes

o Lots of questions to explore and understand all areas

* The Second Session is to create focus and motivation, and begin the process of developing the habits a client chooses to move towards their goals

* The Third Session digs in to focus on top priorities and specific action steps

* Coaching Best Practices: start with a 3 month commitment

In quality training programs, coaches receive questionnaires that provide effective questions in an order that works for the client to explore, strategize, and move forward. During the coaching sessions, many clients are unaware the coach has a questionnaire for the session because the questions are well-researched and flow naturally.

An excellent coach recognizes when to use their process as designed, and when to adjust their process to the client. The excellent coach has the experience with the process to identify how to adjust the process to best serve the client.

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