Emotional Intelligence in Coaching

What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence, EI, is your ability to recognize and manage your own feelings.  This extends in to Relationship Intelligence, RI, – the ability to recognize and manage emotions in a relationship. Developed further this creates Social Intelligence, SI, – the ability toidentify and manage the emotions of multiple individuals, and to participate in a group in a manner that is considered appropriate by the majority. 

For a coach, these are essential skills.  Specifically:

  • A coach manages their own emotions to ensure the coaching session is all about the client.
  • A coach recognizes and adjusts to the emotions of the client.
  • A coach is aware of the emotions at play in the various circumstances a client discusses.
  • A coach offering team or group coaching is managing the emotions of many simultaneously.

How does a coach support client EI, RI, and SI?  Coaches draw out awareness, explore the implications, ask for the defined goal, expand thinking, empower developing strategies, and partners on forward progress.

Coaches are most effective when their EI, RI, and SI are both natural and authentic, and this is true for clients too.  (https://www.coachcert.com/coachingblog/ai-versus-ei-in-coaching/)

What is the impact of EI, RI, and SI?  Developed and applied positively, with EI, RI, and SI the coach empowers the client to choose how they will consider different possibilities and choose their responses.  The coach partners with the client to be more aware of their emotions and how most effectively manage their feelings personally and in their interactions with others.  Through exploration in the coaching process, the client will be more aware of the emotions of others around them and identify how they want to interact effectively.  If you’re  a student, here’s great guide to help you! (https://custom-writing.org/blog/emotional-intelligence-for-students-why-is-it-important).

Professional coaches care enough about the quality of their service and about their clients to complete their coach training and earn membership in the International Coach Federation.

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