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Crisis and Opportunity: Starting Your Own Business after a Career Setback

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by Julie Morris www.juliemorris.org

So many people know the feeling — that sinking feeling deep in your gut when you face a career setback such as a firing or a layoff.  In the moment, you don’t know what to do.  Your days going forward are unclear.  Then, ideally after a day or two, that dissipates and you start to feel ready to think again. Of course, you are left with a question: What do you do now?  One way to figure that out is with the support of a coach – find one that has completed their coaching certification

A career setback is just that – a setback. In fact, this can be a wonderful opportunity to make the life you want for yourself.  If you have dreamed of being your own boss, this may be the ideal the time to make that dream come true.  Starting your own businessis a huge commitment and it’s a lot of work; the benefits outweigh the costs for most.

  • You get to make decisions that affect your career and life for the long term.
  • As the boss, you make your own hours.
  • The future is open to expanding possibilities.
  • Every day is an exciting challenge where you learn new things.
  • You actually look forward to Monday morning.
  • Starting your own business affords you the opportunity to recognize your true worth.

Here are just a few examples for Starting Your Own Business:

Real Estate Agent – If you have a background in sales, you can parlay your skills into a lucrative career in real estate.  Real estate agents can make hundreds of thousandsof dollars a year, with real estate brokers making even more due to their training and expertise.  Starting out as an agenthelps you to get to know the system, build clientele, and save start-up funds if you want to work on your own.  It’s the perfect start for a person who wants their own business because it provides a flexible schedule and an incredible potential to earn.

Professional Business Coach – If you have experience helping someone else turn their small business into a successful venture, there are other business owners who want your expertise.  A professional business coachworks with entrepreneurs to come up with a strategy that will keep them on track to their overall goals. Coaching has far more potential and greater results than consulting because the process is so completely different.  Start by learning about coach training.  In addition to the freedom of working for yourself, you also get the satisfaction of helping small business owners realize their dreams.

Property Management – If you have property under your belt, take advantage of the growing rates of rentersand fix it up for a lease.  Property management is great because after a time, it is primarily passive income. You can spend your free time looking into new places you want to invest in or completing renovations on a fixer upper you want to flip.

Bicycle Repair –More and morepeople are opting out of rush hour in favor of biking for their commute.  In addition to missing the gridlock, biking is also an eco-friendly way to get around town that also helps tone your muscles, lungs, and heart.  If you’ve been quite handy and know your way around a bicycle, cyclists will pay big bucks for your magic touch whenever they are out of commission.  Once you get in good with one customer, they pass on your information to friends and family and you are set for business growth.

Tour Guide –You know your city better than anyone. Show visitors the ins and outs of a local area by coming up with your own tour that shows them the sights. People want to experience cities first-hand rather than falling into “tourist traps”.  The more originalyour tour — with plenty of local flavor — the more it will attract out-of-towners.

A career setback can be a really great thing.  This is your opportunity to make a life that you want.  It takes hard work and commitment; with perseverance, you too can be your own boss in charge of a small business.

When you do choose to go into business for yourself, be smart and increase your likelihood of success by engaging a business coach.

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