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Attention Deficit or Attention Different?

Attention Deficit or Attention Different?

Attention Deficit or Attention Different? by Mikayla Phan

In my chapter entitled, “Attention Deficit or Attention Different?” I present a different angle to life coaching with regards to ADHD. Over the last decade, and possibly even further beyond, there has been much literature written about ADHD. However, there is still much about ADHD that is becoming discovered and therefore the approach to coaching clients with ADHD continues to change on a persistent basis. This can be both rewarding and confusing to the coach and client. My chapter, therefore, strives to clarify, verify, and highlight some points I feel can be beneficial to those in the quest to create a new and improved style of coaching the ADHD client.

Attention Deficit or Attention Different?In my chapter, I clearly define where life coaching overlaps with ADHD coaching and where new lines are drawn in order to better maximize the coaching experience. Too often, individuals with ADHD become frustrated when they try coaching designed for the neuro-typical brain. This is because the ADHD brain calls for approaches designed according to the way it is uniquely wired. With a clear understanding of these differences, it is possible to create a very successful coach/client experience with those who have ADHD.

It is because the ADHD brain is so uniquely wired and the frontal lobe is rapidly developing after about age 10 that coaching is especially a very important tool for preteens, teens, and College Students with ADHD. I discuss the significance of establishing a strong rapport between the coach and ADHD client of any age, primarily because many people with ADHD enter a coaching relationship with an already bruised outlook on themselves and their world.

It is through my chapter in Coaching Perspectives IV that I hope a bridge can be built between life coaching and ADHD coaching to expand on the benefits that a coaching relationship already has to offer.

From the Center for Coaching Certification, we were giving a great link to Apps to help parents!  Check it out here: https://www.wizcase.com/blog/top-mobile-apps-for-managing-adhd-add-symptoms-for-kids-and-adults/


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