Business Goals for Coaches 2 of 3

Coaches want to be successful. Long-term success for a coach is tied to building a consistent client base and to the results achieved by their clients. Clients tell others about their coach and the reputation of the coach is developed through word-of-mouth.

What does a coach want to be known for specifically? Coaches may want to be known for their understanding, intuition, perspective, and ability to elicit client goals, plans, and solutions. Coaches in the business arena probably want to be known for their ability to understand what is happening and why, provide perspective when the client is stuck, and for how they effectively empower the client to brainstorm, think through possibilities, and follow-through for results.

Beyond core competencies of listening, questioning, and eliciting client solutions, the coach empowers results through an effective process. This is where an effective coach has the opportunity to shine. Because coaching is focused on the client as their own best expert, it starts with the ability of the coach to get out of the way. In the coaching process, the client fully explores, considers, and decides. Long-term results for the client and subsequently the reputation of the coach are expanded to their highest level when the client is the expert.

A coach that effectively opens the door for their client to achieve and create successful habits empowers results and earns an excellent reputation.

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