The Information Taught in Coach Training (Part III)

The Information Taught in Coach Training (Part III)

The Information Taught in Coach Training (Part III)What is taught? – This question supersedes all others in relevance when selecting a program.  Chances are you already have experience that supports the coaching you want to do, so a program that focuses on coaching specifically will provide depth in the field.  As a coach, the knowledge gained during training includes the written word, the discussions, your homework, and of course it must – absolutely must – include a coaching practicum.  And go one step further to what the content and the practicum include. The written (and practical) curriculum are essentially incomplete without the soft skills of coaching, the ethics of coaching, the business of coaching, the process of coaching, the standards of conduct, the economics of coaching, and the competencies of coaching.

Ask questions that support exploring the content and the practicum.

  • How does the training cover each of the Core Competencies?
  • How does the practicum work?
  • Does the coaching practicum include coaching, being coached, and observing?

If you are a graduate of the Center for Coaching Certification, you already know that all of the above (& more) are covered in the training programs.  If earning the designation at the Center for Coaching Certification is the cake, we also provide our graduates with icing through a host of resources that are opened up especially for them the day they graduate!

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