Start With Defining Being and Doing

Start With Defining Being and Doing

Being is the who and includes that which cannot be seen or touched.  Being includes openness, bias – both conscious and unconscious, cultural bias, humility, skills, desires, motivation, attitude, awareness, flexibility, knowledge, wisdom, thoughts, reflections, insights, and dreams. Start With Defining Being and Doing

Doing is the what and can be seen or touched.  Doing includes plans, action steps, behaviors, and tasks.

To illustrate this, consider one client experiencing each of three different approaches in coaching: a focus on the Doing, a focus on the Being, and coaching both the Being and the Doing.  After each coaching engagement description, the next blog will be sample questions.  For coaching, consider whether the questions are about the being or the doing and be intentional with when you use each type of question to ensure both are included.

Meet the Client

Mario is a high-potential employee in a large organization.  He has a master’s degree in Business and speaks two languages fluently.  He is moving up through the ranks and wants to be a Senior Vice President of Operations within the next five years.  Mario works out regularly, is health-conscious, and is seeing someone seriously.  He is exploring spirituality and cares about living a healthy, happy, balanced life.

The flow of these blogs will be a description of the client working with one type of coach, then questions typical of that type of coaching.  That will be repeated for the next two types of coaches we are exploring, then we will review in the following blogs.


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