Creating an Internal Coaching Program

by Linda Damer

An internal coaching program aligned with strategic goals and supported by all levels of leadership is a very effective way to unleash the potential that exists within an organization.

My chapter in Coaching Perspectives VII provides tools and resources for creating an internal coaching program that empowers employees and leaders to achieve success.

My recommendation is an integrated talent management approach which includes employee coaching.  A foundational principle of talent management is strategic workforce planning which contemplates an organization’s approach, ensuring it has the right people with the right skills in the right place at the right time.  A truly strategic approach includes consideration for talent management components like pipeline development, learning and development, performance management, professional and leadership development, succession planning, and employee engagement.

Coaching, when part of an organization’s culture, makes this model sustainable.  It connects the dots by adding depth to content and broader perspective in thought.  The result is empowered people who achieve results and create a return on investment for the organization.

Coaching is an investment in an organization’s most valuable resource, it’s people.  The objective is to empower people to succeed.  When people succeed, organizations succeed.  If only everything in life were this simple.

Internal coaching programs create positive, proactive connections throughout organization, which in turn enhance internal networks, and supports establishing working relationships built on trust.

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