Application of Coaching

Happy New Year

IMG_20130815_151733_599 - Copyby guest blogger Mikayla Phan

Certainly, there are more targeted niche areas in which coaching seems to be in particular demand.

  • In business, many Americans are becoming entrepreneurs and realize they have great ideas and are unsure of how to put them in action.  They therefore seek out coaches to help them make their career shift, create a business plan, and reach short and long term goals.
  • In corporations, executives are recognizing they might pack a great product, and realize they have weak links in their management skills or need help delegating multiple tasks efficiently to their employees and other team members.
  • In education, coaching is slowly but surely becoming respected as a vital necessity as teachers and principals understand the true differences between teaching, or “instructing”, on an academic and intellectual level and coaching on an intrapersonal level.

Wherever the niches and need for coaching may lie, we are seeing the value and potency of the humanness in any institution, be it in congress or in a family.  For no matter how much effort we put forth in making money hand over fist, manufacturing a new product, getting a promotion, or graduating summa cum laude, we cannot deny that it is only through the trust and balance of our humanity that we can achieve true success.  Coaching taps into our humanity and allows people to connect with their own inner gifts in order to succeed in life.

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