Book Review: Coaching Perspectives IV

Book Review: Coaching Perspectives IV

Book Review: Coaching Perspectives IV

Coaching Perspectives IV is the 4th annual book that includes chapters by different coaches on a variety of topics. Whether you are a coach or looking for a coach, the information these perspectives address is valuable and includes great tools and techniques.

Summary – The chapters of the book include:Book Review: Coaching Perspectives IV
Creating a Coaching Culture by Cathy Liska
• Your Office as Coaching Central by Bill Peace
• Client-Centered Coaching by Tiffany Kalinka
• Creating Your Personal Strategic Plan by Pamela Howard
• Coaching for Leadership by Patti Osvarek
• Attention Deficit or Attention Different? by Mikayla Phan
• Coaching Thru Mental Health Challenges by Danielle Hark
• Coaching Parents with Teens by Karen Wrolson
• Benefits of Coaching All Generations by Robbie Johnson
• Career and Transition Coaching by Dina Simon
• Clap for Change by Laura Posada
• Three Secrets to Selecting a Coach by Bill Shell
• The Phenomenal Coach by Evette Beckett-Tuggle
• The Structured Discernment Process by Patricia Hughes

The Good:
A wealth of perspectives adds to the awareness of diverse coaching techniques and processes.

The Bad:
Each chapter is a stand-alone section so while the book over-all has a flow the writing style and techniques change in each chapter.

The expertise shared by the amazing coaches that contributed to this book is incredibly valuable and will give you ideas for things you can do and apply now.

A series of blogs providing a sneak peak at the great content is coming and you can order Coaching Perspectives IV anytime via Amazon.


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