Speaking Builds Your Coaching Business

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Speaking to groups of people creates amazing opportunities for networking, establishing your credibility, and earning referrals.  There are groups looking for speakers.  Some groups simply invite presentations of 20-30 minutes with time for questions and answers.  The speaker may be provided a meal; there may or may not be pay for the presentation.  Groups might have a budget for speaker ranging from a small amount on up to thousands depending on the size of the group, the level of expertise required, and the sometimes the length of the presentation.

As a coach, speaking is an excellent opportunity to establish your name and build your network.  People in the audience have the opportunity to connect with you and whether they are interested in a coach or know someone who is interested in a coach, a memorable presentation invites an inquiry about your services.

Getting started for new coaches begins with developing a few short presentations on topics of interest that are tied to your coaching niche.  Be sure that the presentation inspires, provides valuable information, and motivates the audience to want more.  Create a speaker sheet that highlights your speaking personality and your topics.  Next, research the various organizations that want speakers and develop a list of contacts (consider professional membership groups and organizations).  Then, simply reach out and make yourself available.

After you are comfortable speaking to groups and have enhanced your presentation, you are ready to move from the short, free or small stipend presentations to speaking engagements that pay more for speaking.  Often this develops naturally from your free speaking through referrals.  Again, it is about finding the groups interested in what you offer and making yourself available.

Each time you speak, you are introduced as a business, life, career, or executive coach and each time you speak invite people to come to you afterwards with an offer they are interested in.

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