Moving Forward

A woman with her arms up is standing on top of a mountain

Who are we when our perceived limitations of ourselves keep us from moving forward? What can we learn when our perceived limitations are not perceived as limitations by others? How is our perception limiting us? What are the possibilities? These questions can be explored through reflection, journaling, and/or during coaching.

A woman with her arms up is standing on top of a mountain
Moving Forward.

In the tale in the first blog of this series, a blind lady thought she was unworthy until her boyfriend donated his eyes for her and upon seeing him without eyes thought him unworthy.  The story is powerful. The tale itself offers so much learning. What do you want to take away from that tale? How do the insights help us in partnering with clients?

As a coach, expand thinking and awareness both for ourselves and for our clients. Explore whatever it is that might be getting in the way. Expand to consider different perspectives. Ask about learning from circumstances. Partner with the client as they discover and create opportunities.

Imagine a client that is very talented and very good at what they do lacking confidence.  My guess is that most coaches have experienced this and notice the false perception the client has about their abilities or worthiness. When we effectively support and challenge them from a place of truly being on their side, it opens their thinking and possibilities.

This is the beauty of coaching! When we are working with a client, we are their partner and are on their side. Challenging them comes from a place of supporting them, believing in them, and being on their side. Coaches invite clients to think about different possibilities and different perspectives, different ways of framing things, and to think about how they will move forward.


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