Achieve and Sustain Excellence in Coaching 19

Coaching is an opportunity for the client to explore possibilities, define goals, determine how to move past obstacles, and strategically achieve success.  Apply that thinking to your work as a coach too: achieving and sustaining excellence in coaching includes exploring possibilities, defining goals, determining how to move past obstacles, and strategically achieve success.

As a coach, you are a model for your clients.  Your competence, ethics, business and marketing savvy, and skill at providing quality services are both a learning opportunity for your clients and support their success.

Coaches ask a client in the beginning how they will measure the success of a coaching relationship.  Sometimes clients talk about feeling that the relationship is positive, productive, and moving them forward.   Sometimes clients state that the success of coaching is defined by accomplishing specific goals.  Whatever it is for your client, you are
supporting their success through excellence in coaching.

As your coaching client makes progress toward their goals, celebrate.  When your coaching client achieves their goals, celebrate.  Celebrate with your coaching client because that is part of what you do as a coach.

Celebrate privately too because the success of your coaching clients is a demonstration of you achieving and sustaining excellence in coaching.

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