The Value of the Discovery Process

The Value of the Discovery Process

The Value of the Discovery ProcessThe Value of the Discovery Process

As a coach who uses the International Coaching Federation’s guidelines, it important to follow the competency of not giving advice because it is unethical, and research shows that it doesn’t serve the client’s success. Allowing a client to follow a personal path of discovery by asking powerful questions and actively listening, a coach presents a framework for a client’s inward discovery. This simple formula gives a client the space to grow. This serves the purpose of lasting change. Research has shown time and time again that when advice is given with the purpose of goal setting, it doesn’t usually work for transformative sustainability.

By giving the power of solution in the session to the client, problem solving is created from personal values which fit a client’s lifestyle. When answers come from within a client, it opens possibilities within the brain, switching the brain’s mode of operation. This taps a creative portion in the brain, stimulating axon connections and synapses which ultimately bring new awareness in a client. This process has the potential to bring out brilliant answers which have been sitting within a client, just waiting to be birthed. A simple and effective approach, this is also a coaching skill to be nurtured and honed. Offering simple, powerful questions comes from active, present listening.

Examples of Questions:

  • How are you approaching problem solving?
  • What amazing vision speaks to you?
  • If you knew the answer, what would it be?
  • What makes your heart sing?
  • How are you creating life?

Keeping communication straightforward with one precision question at a time is a most valued skill in a coach.


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