Powerful Goal Setting for Results

GOALSFinding and hiring a coach is for the purpose of creating meaningful change and achieving goals.  Consider how often people set goals and then nothing happens.  The explanations vary from how the goals are defined to various barriers.

Business, life, and executive coaches support individuals with an effective process. What are achievable goals?  This blog series explores what is behind powerful goal setting for results.  To start, make it easy with an acronym:

G = Gigantic

O = Opportunities

A = Analyzed

L = Listed

S = Strategized

For a surface overview, consider what these mean.  Gigantic – is that unrealistic?  There are many famous examples of how real gigantic goals are, demonstrating that limitations are imposed.  Opportunities – how many are there?  Reflect for a moment and chances are you remember many conversations where people regret missing an opportunity; there are many.  Analyzed – ah, now this is getting down to the business side of it.  Listed – getting specific with when, how, and what.  Strategized – intentional consideration of the timeline, what it really takes to make it happen, and monitoring.  Taking a deeper dive in to these areas supports results.  This is done more effectively with your business, life, or executive coach serving as a sounding board, expanding your thinking, and supporting your planning.

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