word choice matters

ExperienceOften we get so wrapped up in our daily duties or tasks, or our work schedules and family responsibilities, that we forget to be present and experience what is happening.

During the coach training class on communication, participants focus on being intentionally competent with listening skills.  The impact is amazing.  In the homework reports these highly educated, highly experienced, talented people share new insights from the simple act of intentionally, actively listening to others.

As an added benefit, coaching certification creates the awareness of focusing on solutions and future possibilities.  This means instead of telling, asking.  Asking someone else to share thoughts, ideas, their options, their considerations, and ultimately their hopes and plans is a powerful experience.

The challenge to you is: experience.

  • Experience listening
  • Experience asking
  • Experience focusing on solutions
  • Experience the sharing of what is wanted
  • Experience exploring

Then: experience.

  • Experience work
  • Experience activities
  • Experience people
  • Experience family
  • Experience life

The value from being present and truly experiencing is amazing.

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