What is the investment to have a coach?

what is the investment to have a coachPlease humor me for a moment with this question because the reality is that for most people NOT having a coach is far more expensive than having a coach!  So, start with the awareness that coaching has an average return on investment of over 600%.

Ok – moving to the out-of-pocket investment in coaching: this, of course, varies.  For life coaching and career coaching $100 to $200 per session is typical.  For business coaching $200 to $400 per session is average.  For executive coaching $400 to $600 is common. According to the International Coach Federation, the range is $100 to $3500 with the median $500.

Factors that influence price point include coach training and expertise, client requirements, length of engagement, availability, and type of coaching.  Coaches that recently completed their coaching certification may be more flexible initially.

More significant than price point is the rapport between coach and client because this is the number one indicator of success.  Be sure you are comfortable in the relationship and with the process of coaching for the best possible outcome!

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