Coach Transparency About Coaching Model and Coaching Process

transparency with coaching model

When a client selects a coach, one of the commonly asked questions is about the coach’s coaching model and / or process. Coaches are readily transparent about this – some have a process and some have both a model and a process. The coach will explain how they operate, and detail the steps in a coaching relationship.

Model – Imagine the coaching process as a staircase leading to a doorway called ‘success.’ The coachee defines success; the coach upholds the foundation of the staircase. The coach walks with the coachee up the staircase.

• The Stairway to Success requires a foundationtransparency with coaching model
1. Training
2. Competency
3. Ethics
• In the coaching process, coachee and coach partner and
move up the steps of the Staircase to Success together
4. Agreement
5. Understanding
6. Rapport
7. Communication
8. Exploration
9. Strategy
• Moving up the staircase achieves results
10. Success

Process – Prior to engaging in a coaching relationship, an introductory coaching session provides exposure to the coaching process and an idea of the benefits.
Coaching Process Diagram
After engaging in the coaching relationship an opening coaching session is a big-picture exploration that provides an understanding of the coachee’s priorities, values, and influencing factors. In the second coaching session tools and techniques for maintaining focus and developing habits over the long-term are developed.

Coaching sessions are a time for checking on progress, exploration, strategy development, and action planning.

Prior to ending the regularly scheduled coaching sessions, plan a coaching session focused on how the coachee will maintain and build on their success. Plan a final debrief of the coaching relationship and coaching process.

For clients, knowing the process gives them an awareness of what to expect, the opportunity to think about what they want to accomplish, and time to consider how to maximize the coaching engagement.

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