Top 10 Criteria for Selecting Coach Training

Top 10 Criteria for Selecting Coach Training

What is your top criteria for selecting a coach training program?

To help you select the best coach training programs, we asked business leaders and CEOs this question for their best recommendations. From industry expertise and tactical experience to credibility and good track record, there are several recommended criteria that may help you with choosing a coach training program that best fits your needs.

Here are 10 criteria for selecting a coach training program:

  • Industry Expertise and Tactical Experience
  • Quality of The Training Curriculum
  • A Program That Upholds Your Values
  • Good Online Support
  • Training That Betters You To Help Others
  • Strong Focus on Group and Team Coaching
  • A Program That Colleagues Can Recommend
  • Coaching That Always Instills Optimism
  • Top Certification and Reputation

Top 10 Criteria for Selecting Coach Training

Industry Expertise and Tactical Experience

There’re coaches with industry expertise and tactical experience, and there’re coaches with sound frameworks and proven methodologies. Personally speaking, I value the coach training program that has industry specialization. There’s just more weight in the advice that’s offered from a coach who has been there and done that. The coaches with a specific industry focus are also generally smaller in size, which allows them to dive deeper into training. While it’s helpful to have a generalized coach training program to establish a foundation, the coaches with industry focus seem to help companies get through the challenges that matter most.

Brett Farmiloe, Terkel

Quality of The Training Curriculum

The training curriculum is incredibly important. The subjects that a program covers, and how the curriculum approaches different topics, can all be taught in a variety of ways. Some are more effective than others. It’s important to take a close look at the training curriculum before you settle on one, as it can make the difference between a great training program and a mediocre one.

Nick Santora, Curricula

A Program That Upholds Your Values

In addition to finding a legitimate program that has been approved by a coaching association, it is important to find a program that upholds similar values as your own. Every training program upholds different views on what a coach should be and what a coach should embody. Find a program that aligns with your beliefs to make for a richer and more worthwhile experience.

Kate Lipman, embrace Scar Therapy

Good Online Support

A coach training program is only as good as its online support teams. You should always have access to coaching professionals to clarify subjects you struggle to understand, and an IT team for technical assistance. Without these two support groups, your learning progress faces serious setbacks that make a program ineffective and inefficient, hindering your professional growth.

Roy Morejon, Enventys Partners

Training That Betters You To Help Others

When I was looking for a coach training program, I wanted a program that taught me how to be a great coach. What I received was a program that not only taught me the coaching skills to help others reach their next level but it also taught me how to leverage my natural talents to choose a field of coaching that I was purposed to do. When you find a program that enhances your natural talents while challenging you to grow and learn a new skill set that will help you to change the lives of others, what could be better than that!

Aikyna Finch, Finch and Associates, LLC

Strong Focus on Group and Team Coaching

In business, hiring a group or team coach to help optimize your team’s work flow and enhance overall collaboration can really increase overall quality of work. This is why choosing a training program that prioritizes group and team coaching is essential. The only way to truly improve productivity and efficiency in business is to create a culture of collaboration in the workplace, and this cannot be achieved through individual coaching sessions. Learning how to coach a group will make you a more marketable coach across all industries, as you’ll be able to more confidently help workplaces build a collaborative work culture.

Peter Robert, Expert Computer Solutions

A Program That Colleagues Can Recommend

When selecting a coach training program, I always seek out programs that people within my network are familiar with and can vouch for. The coach training program market is so oversaturated at this point, that purely relying on online reviews and advertising is not enough. When searching for a coach training program, ask your colleagues and mentors for recommendations. At the end of the day, small businesses owners and budding entrepreneurs don’t have the money to waste on less than exceptional coaching training. It’s best not to gamble, and rely on first-hand insight.

Nick Drewe, Wethrift

Coaching That Always Instills Optimism 

The best coaches will express encouragement when complex issues are discussed, and they are able to stay optimistic during situations when no one in the office wants to talk. A good coach has the ability to encourage difficult discussions, which can help get to the root of the matter, and they can make the issue less intimidating. Because they are able to model a more constructive and positive attitude, they can bring team members together and make the difficult topics easier to discuss. They don’t assign blame; instead, they listen to others and try to understand their points of view. This allows all employees to be comfortable, and as a group, the team can uncover the root of a problem or miscommunication.

Paul Moody, ProMoverReviews

Top Certification and Reputation

Does the training program offer appropriate and reputable certification? While many training programs can be informative and helpful, they won’t matter much if the training isn’t paired with appropriate certification. It’s important that the certification you receive is well-recognized and will be well received by companies looking to hire you, so feel free to check with coaching forums and with professionals to discover the reputation of a training program before you invest your time and money.

John Jacob, Hoist

Credibility and Good Track Record

When it comes to choosing a coach training program, there are definitely quite a few factors to consider, especially because you’ll be taking a lot of advice and direction from this individual. But, if I were to pinpoint one of my top criteria for choosing a coach, I’d say credibility first. A background in psychology is helpful, but more than that, it’s important to find a program that had a solid success rate with great feedback from previous individuals who experienced the same form of coaching. A quick way to check into the credibility of coaching programs is to read through their reviews across Google, Yelp, and other online review directories. These should reflect positively on their coaching program.

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