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Is coaching your calling?

Picture of a white female, with flowing black hair.

by Akshatha Raghunath – https://www.linkedin.com/in/akshatha-raghunath-432553217

How my desire (dream) to become a coach turned into a reality.

Picture of a white female, with flowing black hair.
Akshatha Raghunath

I was thinking and procrastinating about becoming a professional coach for almost 5 years.  When my coach asked me, “what is your career goal?”  I said I want to be a professional coach someday, so my coach asked me, “what is the reason for waiting?”  That question made me think, then I said I have to be trained and certified for it.

That’s when we found the perfect training and coaching company, the Center for Coaching Certification.  It was the right place for me to pursue my coaching journey.  To start with there is a free quiz (https://www.CoachCert.com/resources/faqs/is-coaching-right-for-me-take-the-quiz.html) on the CCC website to evaluate whether coaching is for me. There are also a lot of free webinars anyone can attend to know more and to learn about coaching.  I was so excited to attend many of the free webinars and  the Q&A sessions, which gave me a lot of insights about coaching.

The team is very supportive and friendly, and they answered all my queries. They are timely and followed up with me, providing me with the right information about the upcoming programs and helped me choose the right one for me.  I began my first step with Certified Professional Coach (CPC) certification program (https://www.CoachCert.com/training/certified-master-coach/master-coach-program-overview.html)

I had a wonderful experience during my training.  The trainer and my classmates were very welcoming; the sessions were interactive and fun.  I got to learn the basics of coaching and the training materials are of great help.  During the practicum sessions all of us (the students) coached each other and it was monitored by our trainer.  Feedback was provided, which was a great learning.  By the end of the training, I was ready and confident to coach people as a Certified Professional Coach.

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