Book Review of Coaching Perspectives VIII

Coaching Perspectives

This book, the newest addition to Coaching Perspectives, provides insights on how to approach different circumstances in life and when coaching. The awareness, techniques, and processes empower individuals in their own journey plus coaches who are supporting clients.

Coaching Perspectives

Summary – The chapters of the book include:

  • Tools, Techniques, Questions, and Dialogue by Cathy Liska
  • Project Managers Coach by Ruth Pearce
  • Success and Magic of Executive Coaching by Wayne L. Anderson
  • Equipping Managers to Lead by DR. Shelley Young Thompkins
  • Coaching Entrepreneurs for Branding Elements by Lisa Foster
  • The Culturally Competent Coach by Wilhelmina Parker
  • Trauma Coaching: A New Perspective by Melissa Tyler Todd
  • Coaching a Dysfunctional Team by Rachel Coucoulas
  • An Authenticity Guide for the New Coach by Necie Black
  • True Change at 180 Degrees by Kristen Hess-Winters
  • Perfectly Poised to Prosper by Renee Hutcherson Lucier
  • The Way We Speak Matters by Chārutā AhMaiua

The Good:

Each chapter is a stand-alone read with insight that draws on a wealth of expertise and experience from Certified Professional and Master Coaches.

As evidenced by the power of the information as well as the bios of the contributing authors, the expertise provides tremendous value and the steps are immediately usable.

The Bad:

The style of each author is different so be prepared to move through different styles of covering the information.


A fabulous read for individuals wanting to move forward, and for new or experiences coaches seeking additional tools and insights.

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