To Niche or Not to Niche

A African American man is sitting down with a laptop

When moving from coaching certification to being a coach, a big question many have is whether to define a coaching niche.  Without a niche, defining the coaching services can wrap around what a prospective client talks about or their pain points.  With a niche, the coach can choose whether to also work outside their niche.  The most common reasons for niching or not follow:

A African American man  is sitting down with a laptop
To Niche or Not

Reasons coaches choose NOT to niche:

  • Afraid of limiting themselves in terms of who they coach.
  • A desire to coach everyone or different kinds of clients.
  • Not wanting to be boxed in.
  • A lack of clarity about which area to niche in.

Reasons coaches choose to niche:

  • Increase the likelihood of gaining their ideal clients.
  • Increase revenue with higher rates.
  • Focus marketing efforts.
  • Branding and differentiation.
  • Build a reputation quickly.
  • Capitalize on credibility based on background and experience.
  • Guide ongoing learning and professional development.
  • Develop a resource library on a website to serve clients.
  • Passion for work in a specific area.

Often moving into a niche happens over time.  Coaches complete their training and let their contacts know they are offering coaching.  To further build their client base, they network.  With the growth of coaching firms, many coaches sign up whether they are aligned with the process and values of that firm or not simply to gain experience hours.  Then, over time, coaches discover who they most enjoy coaching and the focus of coaching they are most passionate about doing.  Then they define their niche.  The defined niche in turn informs their marketing efforts and further growth as a coach.  The coach, over time, confidently brands them self and grows their coaching business with their niche.

If a coach is well-known outside of the coaching arena and / or has an extensive network, it may be that they easily grow their business without a specific niche.

In the marketplace of coaches today, niching is a smart way to build a reputation and a coaching business.

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