Book Review of Paving Your Path

Paving Your Path

by Kim Nugent, Ed.D.   Reviewed by Cathy Liska

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Paving Your Path

This book is both a practical workbook and a great guide to support high school students as they consider, explore, and choose their path after graduation.

Summary – The chapters of the book include:

  • Praise, Purpose, Dedication, Acknowledgements
  • My Story
  • Manifesting Your Destiny
  • The Pathway: A Checklist of Deliverables
  • Characteristics of Success
  • Creating a Mentoring Relationship and Being Mentored
  • What I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was In High School
  • The Solution for a New Generation
  • Self-Assessment Inventory: Post Assessment
  • Summary
  • Templates
  • Online Resources
  • References
  • About the Author

The Good:

In the chapter for Manifesting Your Destiny, multiple options are explored for high school students after graduation.  Then in the chapter on The Pathway a checklist is provided for each option.

Following the Mentor information is a self-assessment.  Then, in each section of the Solution for a New Generation chapter, the solution is followed by self-assessment questions and mentor questions.

Throughout the book are worksheets and templates to use means this becomes a great workbook for high school students.

The Bad:

Here comes a personal bias – coaching over mentoring.  While the emphasis is on a mentor, the questions are largely coaching questions.  In this work, a coach easily fits as a fabulous resource for students.  The advantage of a coach over a mentor is that the coach truly empowers the student to discover their own answers and create their own plans.


Whether you are a student, work in a high school, a parent, a mentor of a student, or a coach, this is a fabulous resource for support high school students in their exploration, decision making, and planning for their own future.

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