The Power of NOW

Paul Kawkabany

Paul Kawkabany – Kawkabany

How many of us have heard “The Power of Now” recited? How many of us have read a book or article or even watched a video related to “The Power of Now” specifically? I personally have learned about the power of now in my life and in courses within my academic career.  During coach training and when observing coaching, I understood the effect of the phrase. It is about thoughts; it is about language, words, ideas, feelings, attitudes, and even communication. In coach training, I was aware of the importance of using expressions that are meaningful to the client and are positive and proactive. The application was very impressive because it took these concepts to another, deeper, level. We wrote an affirmation story.  After reviewing my first draft, another thing I realized is that there is a big difference between the past and future expressions. The present tense generates a major motivation for the person (this is my personal experience) and this motivation increases the individual’s productivity rate.

The use of language focused on what is desired incorporates internal motivation and is proactive increases the level of satisfaction in the individual. From this place, they can view their life as a gift.

If you want to experience strength now, here is a useful exercise: sit for one minute and focus on time. Some people will find that time passes very quickly and this means that they usually think a lot about the past and take their time to complete practical matters; others may feel that a minute equals long hours and this means that they are often in a hurry and anxious about what is next.

The coaching process is useful in both cases because it helps the individual to see their life from the perspective of the now and appreciate this very precious life. The present is only seconds that pass by; what you decide to do or think during these seconds is what gives value to time. Take time to breathe deeply and invest your energy in the now and creating the life you want.

Among the phrases, I learned in coaching and now use a lot is: be present for the present.

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