The Effort for Group or Team Coaching Earns Rewards

The Effort for Group or Team Coaching Earns Rewards

The Effort for Group or Team Coaching Earns RewardsGroup and Team Coaching are areas of coaching that add value for clients and for coaches alike.  Clients benefit from a shared focus or purpose.  Coaches benefit by enhancing their skills and building their business.  How will you create opportunities with group or team coaching?  List your goals, consider the obstacles, and plan how you will move forward.  This blog has examples to get you started.

Goals: What do you want to accomplish by offering group or team coaching?

  • Value-add for existing clients
  • Opportunity for clients to access coaching services affordably
  • Increase offerings as a coach
  • Build coaching business through additional package and service options
  • Maximize the benefits of coaching efficiently

Obstacles: What could hold you back?

  • Skill and comfort level with group management – working with a group calls for different skills than working with an individual
  • Unsure how it works – really don’t know about the processes or expected outcomes
  • Questioning the value – unsure that group or team coaching is effective
  • Overwhelmed already building a coaching business – adding one more thing to the list is too much
  • Logistical challenges – knowing where to meet is a challenge

Options for Moving Forward: How will you move past your obstacles?

  • Reflect on your experiences training, facilitating, and working with a team and list your successes
  • Participate in group coaching to learn by doing
  • Take a class that includes learning group coaching (at the Center for Coaching Certification the Certified Master Coach class includes participating in group coaching and coaching a group)
  • Explore different approaches to group or team coaching through a class or by researching
  • Experiment with a small group to experience the benefits
  • Plan your timing for adding the service
  • Explore physical meeting spaces in your area
  • Research online meeting options

Group and Team Coaching provide tremendous value for the participants because they share the experience with others and brainstorm together.  As a coach it further develops your skills and is a great business builder both as an additional service and as a low-risk entry for new clients.  Invest the effort and experience the rewards.

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