The Best Way to Build a Coaching Business is Referrals

This is 12 in a series of 24 blog posts on Business and Marketing.

Chances are you have heard that the best way to build your coaching business, just like for any business, is through referrals.  Sometimes referrals come as a result of your networking and marketing efforts, and other times referrals come from existing clients.  As a coach, how do you earn referrals?

Networking, as discussed in the previous blog post, is a natural starting place.  Additionally, speaking or training as described in upcoming blog posts are excellent opportunities.  Ultimately, referrals are from people who know and trust you and recognize the value of your services.

When you are a new coaching business owner, letting your contacts know you are in business and what you do is essential.  Perhaps some of the people you know now want a coach.  Alternatively, the people you know now can help spread the word about what you do so that you build your network and generate referrals.

Perhaps the obvious point on referrals is earning referrals from your current clients.  Once you have coaching clients, they will talk about your coaching services.  This will lead to interest and inquiries.  Ultimately, your clients will give your name to people they know that are looking for a coach or that will benefit from coaching services.  Earning referrals is based on providing professional and effective coaching.

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