Networking for Coaches

This is 11 in a series of 24 blog posts on Business and Marketing.

As is true for any business owner, networking is a must for coaching business owners too.  What exactly is networking?  Essentially, it is meeting and connecting with people.  Events are held all over the place for the sole purpose of networking (for example Chamber of Commerce and Business Club events).  Events held all over the place serve as a great opportunity for networking (for example professional membership group meetings and events).

Whether your focus is business, life, career, or executive coaching, networking is connecting with people and developing relationships so that when an individual or someone they know is looking for a coach, you are remembered.

Start by researching networking opportunities based on your coaching niche areas and choose events where your ideal client is most likely to participate.  Decide how much time and money you will invest in different networking opportunities and create your schedule.  When you are at an event, ask first about people you meet and their work before introducing your coaching services.  This creates an opportunity for you to connect your coaching services to their work and challenges.

Beyond attending events specifically to network, remember that opportunities arise everywhere.  Each time you travel, eat out, or are in places where you meet people, you have an opportunity for networking.  Ask people about themselves and their work, and when they ask about your work be ready with a short explanation about your coaching that piques their interest.

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