10 Considerations for Job Search Coaching Part 3

>Now that your coaching client has the information and an idea of possibilities, they are moving toward marketing them self. While each client will want to develop a ‘boiler plate’ résumé, it is vital that they know to tailor it every time they send it. Ensure that your coaching client considers the impact of their online profile before they begin applying for positions because many employers will visit their networking site profiles.

5. Create or enhance résumé, cover letter, and online profile
The résumé and cover letter may be the first impression so it is important that each stands out. Because many employers look at online data about potential hires, coaches ask clients what impression they are creating and what impression they want to create.

* Questions to ask might include:
o Which networking and social sites do you use?
o How do you use the sites?
o If a potential employer looked at your profile on each of these sites, what would they learn about you? (on Facebook for example)
o How current is your résumé?
o What résumé format is used most often in your industry?
o How much have you researched current résumé and cover letter tips?
o What is your process to develop a stellar résumé and cover letter?
o What do you want a potential employer to think of you from your résumé?
o What does a potential employer look for in a résumé and cover letter?

6. Target specific opportunities
When a client identifies an opportunity they want, tailoring the résumé and cover letter are crucial steps. Recognize that some companies prefer internal referrals to positions and explore ways to develop connections.

* Questions to ask might include:
o What are the key words and phrases used by the employer in their job listing and on their website? How are you incorporating them in to your résumé for this job?
o What are the most important skills they are seeking? How are you demonstrating those skills?
o What experience do they require? How are you highlighting that experience?
o What are they looking for in your résumé? How are you providing it?
o How is your cover letter going to stand out and add value to your résumé?
o How are you tailoring each cover letter and each résumé?
o How can you connect with someone that works there to learn more about that company and their process for hiring?
What do you think makes a cover letter and résumé stand out?

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