Coaching Methodology

Coaching Methodology

Each coach develops their own unique style and approach.  In the chapter from the 2017 Coaching Perspectives VII book on Coaching Models and Processes, I explored a variety of models and processes; ultimately it boils down to variations of the same thing. Coaching Methodology

When you are asked what your methodology and approach are, some go back to the diagram they created in the CMC class.  Others have refined their approach over time.

Drawing on what is taught in the CPC class and building, here is one option:

Considered Creativity Coaching –

The coaching methodology is first and foremost built on a foundation of ICF Code of Ethics and Core Competencies.  From there we start with a big picture exploration of what the client wants so that moving forward with focus and motivation is tailored to the client.  Specific assessments that are options include …  Specific processes that may be incorporated are … Because each client is unique with unique objectives, it is essential that the foundation offered holds the space for creativity in designing the approach for that individual as well as within each session.

To further build on what is offered, again from the training classes for coaching, pull out your inventory of tools and processes.  Login to the Coach Login pages and pull resources that fit with your niche.  Organize the list of techniques to use as a reminder and refresher.  Inventory tools by type.  With this information you can create an additional paragraph describing methodologies and tools that you offer as a coach.


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