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Reframe the Outcome of an Unwanted Change to a New Desired State

LA Marsh

By Sheila Fain LaMarsh Global

Sheila FainInstead of the normal flow of change, or even the idealistic return to the old norm, the impact of COVID is that we are experiencing unplanned and undesired change.  With that as a given, now we have the opportunity to reframe the goal of this change: let’s define and work towards a new desired state. We can accept the unwanted change and then leverage the opportunities and challenges that we are experiencing to contribute to a new reality.  Instead of waiting to go back to normal, we can define a new desired future state.

New State



Defining a New Desired State

Is the best path forward a complete return to the “normal” state from before?  This situation has pushed many of us into a new reality where we have been innovative and resilient. Instead of returning to normal, the alternative is to leverage the benefits and challenges of the change to achieve a state that takes us in directions we did not see as possible before.

Use coach training to formulate powerful coaching questions.  To help define a new desired state, here are some questions to ask:

  • What are you learning from your current living and working situations?
  • What are the challenges or obstacles that you are experiencing?
  • How can you overcome those challenges?
  • How can you prevent them in the future?
  • What are the benefits or opportunities you are experiencing?
  • How has this improved your working relationships, capabilities, and behaviors?
  • What do you want to bring with you to the new desired state?
  • What part of the change do you control?
  • What can you influence?
  • What are your strategies moving forward?
  • What are your action steps?

The changes due to COVID have an impact on every individual’s daily routine.  The health and economic impacts run the gamut from minimal to devastating.  We can make the most out of the situation by reframing our future.  We can learn from the challenges and opportunities to work towards an improved normal.


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