How can I strengthen my self-confidence?

Birgit Rohm

By Birgit Rohm

Birgit RohmSelf-confidence impacts all of us and often we are hesitant to discuss it or what is happening for us personally. Unfortunately, this holds us back.

We all know the feeling of insecurity and that doesn’t feel good. We look at others and have the feeling that they are much more self-assured. This can be deceptive, especially bossy behavior, which is often interpreted as self-confidence and is often a fallacy.

According to the International Coaching Federation, self-confidence is one of the top reasons individuals engage a coach. During coaching certification coaches learn tools and techniques for building healthy self-confidence.

What makes real self-confidence? Our self-confidence is based on four pillars: connection, acknowledgment, self-care, and control. If one of these pillars is missing or shaky, we feel insecure. Thus, our foundation is unstable. The existing insecurity is often compensated with ego behavior such as anger, frustration, or repression. In that moment we stop trusting ourselves and follow external expectations instead of internal motivation.

This means I have influence on my foundation. What can I do to keep it solid?

Let’s get to know each of the pillars.  This blog series will cover the pillars so that you have the awareness of what you control and choices for moving forward.


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