Is giving coaching services away doing anyone a favor?

Coaching or Training: when the service is free, what value does the person receiving it place on the service, information, perspective, or opportunity?
Years ago, working for a nonprofit, I taught a class about managing your money. When the class was free, very few people came, and those that did come did not put much credence in the content. Then the nonprofit began charging $5.00; not much when you consider the program consisted of three sessions for three hours each. When the participants paid $5.00, the class room filled, and the participants applied the information in their lives.

If you provide coaching services for little to no money, how much value does the client place on the services? Is there a perception that there is a reason for your services to be cheap or free?

If you hold training programs for free, do people believe in the value of the program? Do as many participate?

Have you ever been asked why the cost is what it is? Do you find it interesting that sometimes there is an expectation that you will provide services for free, and that the person expecting it wants to earn a living? What is your response?

When you receive something for free, do you see it as valuable? Do you expect others to work for free?

When you coach or train, you are giving 100% to provide a wonderful service or learning opportunity. For the recipient of this, when they themselves are not invested in the value, their skepticism increases.

Coaching provides a 500% return on investment. Of course 500% of zero is zero. When you give somebody the service or the information, you feed them fish for one day. When you charge them for the service or the information, you teach them to fish and feed themselves for a lifetime.

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