Practice Identifying and Adjusting to Learning Styles

IMAG0651by guest blogger Mikayla Phan

I am fascinated by the different learning styles that people use.  One of the reasons for this is that I struggled in some ways at school while growing up because I felt a difference in learning styles between myself and the teacher.  When I became a mother, I particularly paid attention to my son’s learning style.

Now, as a coach in training, I am looking forward to utilizing what I learn from coaching class and apply it with my future clients.  Only two weeks ago, I started informally coaching my very first client.  Because we are already familiar with each other, we have an easy time talking and interacting during coaching sessions.  Before, I had not considered her learning style, and this is something that hadn’t come up in our sessions.

This week, when I met with my new client at a local diner for breakfast, I was eager to identify her learning style from the information I learned in our last coaching class.  I focused on her words, her speech patterns, and the language she was using.  This opened up a whole new side I hadn’t known before.  By recognizing her different learning styles I was able to adjust to what worked best for her and to ask better questions.

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