Perfectly Poised to Prosper

Renee Hutcherson Lucier

By Renee Hutcherson Lucier 

Renee Hutcherson Lucier

My friend…

How will you respond when I tell you that at this very moment ALL of the insight, resources, and ability you want to get thru, over, and around whatever obstacle or circumstance you are facing is ALREADY within you? Sages, intellectuals, and great philosophers have stated this throughout the ages.  And, what’s more, scientists today have even proven these statements to be absolutely true.  So, go ahead.  BELIEVE.

WHAT will you do with this belief?

In my own life, I have had the amazing ability to obtain incredible insight into the perplexities of life and the human condition.  Oftentimes, my unbelievable path crosses others on their life journey who have very different experiences than I do – of course this is to be expected.  I am amazed to learn, nonetheless, how similar the lessons are for so many.  Because I am the second child of parents who made sure their firstborn understood each and every life lesson, with a love tap to institute consequences, I fully embrace listening, learning, and leaning into glorious wisdom from the third-person perspective.  I collect juicy tidbits, squeezing every drop out of each wonderfully precious fruit that comes my way.  In our lifetime, there is so much to learn; do you agree?  We are truly fortunate to have the opportunity to acquire knowledge from many others who were captivated with the then implications of what they learned, and also sent the wisdom forward to positively impact future generations.

Your belief, my friend, of whatever strength, ideally will compel you to lean in, sharpen your sword, and fully employ wisdom.  I challenge you to imbibe awareness as if it is juice from the sweetest fruit.  Invite perception to wholly saturate your being, improve your personal circumstances, and catapult you into the greater responsibility you then have to the world.  Those who walked before you answered that call.  I entrust you with that same responsibility.  It is what we, who are walking in KNOWING, can do.

As I validate in my chapter in Coaching Perspectives VIII, you are Perfectly Poised to Prosper.  Already.  I encourage you to read it.  Then share your thoughts with me on social media.  I am everywhere you are!

in Quintessence,


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