Positivity in Coaching

Laurence Waeber

by Laurence Waeber Laurence Waeber

One thing I’ve realized over the 6-week course on Positivity is the tendency that many people have to use negative and limiting language. This was not a new discovery yet studying and talking about positivity with intention and focus has dramatically tickled my self-awareness!

In consequence, I believe that the very first benefit of using Positivity in coaching clients is the possibility of growing their self-awareness. I love to be supporting my clients in envisaging a positive, desired, and resonant future for themselves – how can that be even possible if negative sabotage happens all the time? Language creates worlds, for sure.

Once self-awareness is present, I believe that building credibility around Positivity research and ROI is definitely key and shall help to anchor it as a toolbox for meaningful life change instead of a feel-good practice.

Another aspect I find interesting to tackle through the lens of Positivity is anxiety. Anxiety is typically related to the past or the future. As the human brains learns more easily from bad than good experiences, Positivity tools and techniques can help separate the event from the thoughts, can help shift perspective to give yourself choice again, and can help develop positive statements that are facts.

Here are a few coaching competencies that the coach can definitely capitalize on to build on Positivity: Articulating What’s Going On, Reframing, Championing, Deepening the Learning, and Forwarding the Action.


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