Be Clear on Coaching versus Other Services

Using Coaching Techniques

be clear on coaching services 2Most coaches start their coach training after working in other fields.  Often they start with offering coaching in conjunction with other work or services.  Consider that for HR, Recruiters, Organizational Development, Talent Development, trainers, consultants, and mental health professionals sometimes coaching is offered in conjunction with other roles or as an add-on service.

In coaching certification, the Code of Ethics is studied and it requires being clear on which role and which service is being utilized.  The first step is to determine what services you will offer.  For example, many career coaches offer training, consulting, and coaching.

Next, prepare for this challenge: How do you incorporate multiple roles in one agreement?  An agreement can outline training programs offered which are follow with consulting or consulting then training.  The coaching may start after training and consulting or occur simultaneously.  Be clear about the blocks of time for each service throughout the time you are working with the client.  In the agreement define each type of service.  Be sure to list which service is being provided when, and at the start of each block of time clarify it again.

How do you ensure separation of the roles?  By defining each role clearly, scheduling time based on each role, and verifying it at the start of your time which role and service is happening, you are clearly separating the roles while also ensuring the various services are coordinated and work well together.

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