OHANA Five by Five

Scot Conway

By Scot Conway, Ph.D., J.D. – https://scotwith1t.com

In the previous blog, Scot Conway described the OHANA Way Acronym he covered in his free webinar as part of the Center for Coaching Certification free continuing education offerings.  Now, for each of the five words for the acronym, he expands on with 5 tips for living OHANA.

Scot Conway

Be a Refreshing Refuge.
1: Win/Win or No Deal
2: Give to Givers Who Give
3: Be a Safe Person; Create a Safe Place
4: Resolve (My, Your, Our), Concede (Trade Wins), Compromise
5: Leave No Trace; Better Than You Found It

Embrace Infinitely Diversity in Infinite Combinations Aimed at Greatness.
1: Differences are Issues to Navigate, Not Causes for Condemnation
2: Bad Things are Problems to Solve, Not Causes for Condemnation
3: More For, Less Against. Focus on What You Do Want.
4: Facet Truths: Bring Truth Appropriate to the Relationship
5: Just Be Polite

Moving Forward on Purpose with Respect for Others.
1: Define Your Win: Values, Goals, and Roles
2: More Yes/And, Less No/But
3: Compelling Future: Choose. Plan. Check In
4: I Have a Point; You May Also Have a Point
5: Ecology Check

Royal Knight: Be our highest and best selves.
1: Leadership: 4P360
2: Self-Leadership
3: Chivalry/Bushido
4: Ladies and Gentlemen
5: Be a Light, Not a Judge

1. I want the best for you.
2. I want to be the best for you.
3. I want you to have transcendent joy.
1: Love Stack: Agape, Phileo, Eros
2: Love is Not Jealous and Does Not Envy
3: Phileo Bank Account: Positive On Purpose
4: Love, Joy, Peace
5: God, People, Self

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