By Scot Conway, Ph.D., J.D. –

Scot Conway provided one of the free continuing education webinars for Center for Coaching Certification and the next two blogs are his two-page report on the same topic.

The Ohana Way Report – this mini-blog-series – is the short version of the book. The Ohana Way is the full-length version and contains a deeper dive into the Ohana Five by Five.


OHANA – “Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind… or forgotten.” (Lilo and Stich, 2002)

Ohana means family. Family includes those bonded by affection and something in common. It represents an ideal that we illustrate by using ohana as an acronym.

OHANA means:
O – Oasis
H – Harmony
A – Assertiveness
N – Nobility
A – Aloha

OASIS – Be a Refreshing Refuge. Being an Oasis and helping create an
Ohana Oasis means I always make it better by being here. I help create a refuge
from the usual, the annoying and the difficult.

HARMONY – Embrace Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations Aimed at
Greatness. Great music is made from melody and harmony. Many instruments,
notes, and singers work together to make all sorts of different and amazing
music. Harmony means we don’t have to be alike to be together.

ASSERTIVENESS – Moving Forward on Purpose with Respect for
Others. We Live Life on Purpose. We live assertively, learn assertively and love
assertively. We practice assertive listening, assertive relationships, assertive
parenting, and assertiveness in any and all areas of life.

NOBILITY – Be our Highest and Best Selves. The metaphor of the Royal
Knight dives deep into our ideals of princeliness and princessliness in their
highest and best forms. We pursue knightly chivalry and samurai bushido in
service to high ideals.

ALOHA – Love in All Its Many Meanings and Manifestations. Love is I
want the best for you, I want to be the best for you, and I want you to have
transcendent joy. Aloha also includes hello and goodbye in Hawaiian.

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