The Coaching Business Name

The Coaching Business Name

The Coaching Business NameTo illustrate the point made in the previous blog post on names, let us see the phenomenon in motion:

Do you recognize the following names?

  • Thomas Mapother IV
  • Thomas DanielConway
  • John Joseph Nicholson
  • Michael Andrew Fox

How about now?

  • Tom Cruise
  • Tim Conway
  • Jack Nicholson
  • Michael J. Fox

As you can see, the given names of these people were altered to reflect their identity later on in their life.  While business can do this as well, it is a challenge because the business name chosen initially is the name used to market the business and how it is known.  Changing it after the fact means possibly losing business momentum.

Here are some other considerations:

  • Changing the name of a business involves changing websites, printed materials, ads, marketing materials, etc.
  • A business name ideally identifies what the business does in very few words.
  • While multiple people can share the exact same names, when it comes to businesses names are unique.
  • Business names create an impression and how it is perceived can vary.

This emphasizes the importance of getting the right name the first time for a coaching business.  When you do identify a name, run an internet search on that name, ask multiple people their thoughts, and register it!  There are tools and resources galore on the website. One of these is First Site Guide,


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