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3 Keys for Effective Coaching Programs

3 Keys for Effective Coaching Programs

What is involved in a coaching program? 3 Keys for Effective Coaching Programs

  • Program Purpose and Objectives – be clear on the reasons for the program and what you want to accomplish.
  • Program Management and Processes – credible leadership of the program and clearly organized processes are essential for success.
  • Program Access – determine who has access to coach and to be coached.
  • Coaches – ensure coaches have completed ICF-accredited coach training and then provide orientation to your program.
  • Clients – promote the coaching as the benefit it is and have an application process.
  • Matching and Coaching Engagements – involve the client and the coaches in determining effective match. An ideal start is a commitment to 12 sessions over six months.
  • Program Measurement – define the starting point using available metrics and then track the metrics over time to assess ROI. Invite coaches, clients, and stakeholders to complete evaluations on coaching engagements.
  • Ongoing Efficacy – identify what is going well and celebrate it. Identify areas for improvement and support upgrading skills, resources, and processes.

What are the 3 Keys for Effective Coaching Programs?

  1. Program Design and Processes:
    1. Start with ensuring leadership buy in and support.
    2. Choose a credible, respected leader and department to manage the program.
    3. Create a plan for the program that includes processes, resources, and yes, the paperwork or forms that are involved.
  2. Onboarding Coaches and Clients:
    1. Decide how you will identify and onboard coaches.
      1. For internal coaches consider their credibility, capability, and capacity.
      2. For external coaches use a coaching firm that ensures coaches are trained and effective.
    2. Decide how you will identify and onboard clients.
      1. For employees wanting a coach, have an application.
      2. For leaders recommending someone be coached, have an application.
    3. Matching Internal and External Coaches and Clients:
      1. Best practices are to use internal coaches for entry-level to mid-level management, and external coaches for the higher levels of management.
      2. Provide each client with choice – ideally three possible coaches. Give the client coach bios to review.  Invite the client to interview the prospective coaches and choose their coach.  This will support both engaging in the process and an effective coaching relationship.

Coaching averages a 600% return on investment.  Organizations are smart to have a coaching program.  A multitude of organizations have coaching programs and others are noticing and starting coaching programs.

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