Moving Forward with Coaching Competency

Moving Forward with Coaching Competency

Coaching competency is about the skill of the coach as a process expertise.  In coaching, the coach empowers the client.  Coaching is based on the premise that the client is their own best expert.

The client is ultimately best served by their coach when the client explores their possibilities, defines their goals, and decides on their plan of action.  Through client-focused coaching, a client is learning skills, owning their decisions, and creating their success. Moving Forward with Coaching Competency

Developing competency as a coach ensures that the coach is empowering the client.  It takes competency and skill to elicit ideas and solutions from another person.

  • Demonstrate your focus on and respect for the client by recognizing their preferences and adjusting to their style.
  • When you have coaching sessions, set aside everything else and focus completely on the client and process.
  • Enhance your communication with open interest and support, exploring the possibilities of different approaches.
  • A great coach is both a great listener and a great questioner.
  • Listening intentionally means to listen actively, rephrase, and reflect emotions.
  • Effective questions and follow-up questions empower understanding, exploration, and clarity.
  • Coaches open the door for possibilities by sharing perspective and then asking more questions.
  • Coaches expand on answers by asking carefully-worded probing questions, asking for more ideas, and brainstorming.
  • As a coach, you are a strategic and accountability partner; a coach partners with the client in developing their plan and managing their accountability to their plan.
  • Competent coaches enjoy the privilege of celebrating successes with clients.

Start with your coach training and then gain experience as a coach to develop competency as a coach.  Professional coaches are life-long learners.


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