Continuing Education for Coaching Competency


opportunities After learning coaching competencies, planning for continuing education supports retaining, applying, and enhancing what you learned.  Training reinforces what you are doing right, reminds you of techniques you had forgotten, and introduces new ideas or approaches.

The opportunities for continuing education for coaching are many.  Webinars, classes, professional coach meetings, conferences, and group coaching for coaching are examples.  To get you started, a few links to free or inexpensive continuing education opportunities follow.

Free webinars are offered by the Center for Coaching Certification bi-monthly and the listing is available at .

Through the International Coaching Federation, ICF, webinars, tele-classes, and conferences are available.  Visit their schedule at

Expand on these opportunities by searching online for coach training, meetings, and conferences.

Continuing education is required of members of the ICF.  Certified Professional Coaches and Certified Master Coaches are required to have 12 hours of continuing education every two years.  The reasons for these requirements include ensuring coaches maintain and further develop skills in addition to staying current in the profession.

As a coach, maximize your benefits when fulfilling the requirements.  Find training that covers topics of interest, new areas, and the competencies you identify for intentionally developing further.

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