Learning Powerful Questioning as a Coach

During the Certified Professional Coach program, in addition to discussing types of and how to formulate powerful questions, examples are given for the practice.  Coaches use the questionnaires to practice and experience the wording and the flow of the questions.  After completing certification, the recommendation is to use the process again with three clients as soon as is possible to solidify the learning.  Then, coaches will be aware of how and when to change the questions and / or the flow.

On the coach login page, Certified Professional Coaches have access to a few dozen questionnaires.  These provide specific examples and provide a format for coaching.  Some coaches use these questionnaires, some use ideas from the questionnaires, and others develop their own process.

In the Certified Master Coach program, the coaching session process is determined by the coach and their client.  Some choose to use one or several of the questionnaires and others use none.

Powerful Questioning is one of the Core Competencies of a coach according to the ICF.  Questioning is a skill that a coach uses throughout the coaching process.  Powerful questioning leads to awareness, perspective, and insights and is essential for the maximum return on investment for the coaching client.

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