Impact of Using Positivity

Pete Liska

by Pete Liska Pete Liska

Positivity and being positive affects more in a person’s health, career, relationships, and life than most people realize.

Being positive helps your whole body.  Positivity increases your energy level and you are more relaxed.  Positivity benefits your health by reducing stress.

Confidence increases in those who are positive and maintain a positive outlook in the workplace.  Confidence, in turn, helps increase motivation.  Positivity also aids in decision making.  Being positive enhances self-respect and confidence.  Positivity and confidence work hand in hand to earn respect and build credibility.   Additionally, positivity and confidence will increase engagement and productivity.  This increases opportunities professionally.

For me, working with social media, I recognize the language in posts matters.  When posting on social media, positivity engages.  People are drawn to positive words and positive posts.  It helps people be happy or stay happy.

Focusing on positive thoughts, feelings, and language improves relationships too.  I learned in the Science of Positivity class that positivity opens the mind and heart.  It helps build confidence.  Positive language and thoughts change your feelings in a good way.  Being open, confident, and positive helps those around you feel better as well.

Positive people are respectful.  Respect is contagious!  Being positive and confident in yourself helps to connect and engage with others.  This enhances relationships.  People notice those who are positive and maintain a positive attitude.

Being positive supports a great attitude.  Additionally, maintaining a positive, glass half full attitude makes one more grateful.

Being positive and grateful helps all aspects of your life and benefits those around you too!

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