How do you define your ideal client?

If you as a coach can choose to work with any client, what type of client would that be?  To define your ideal client, ask yourself is some basic questions:

What are the demographics (age, income level, areas of interest, etc.) of your ideal client?

What does your ideal client do for a living?

How does this fit with your experience and/or passion?

How will you most effectively serve your client?

How will your experience and skills help you understand your client?

Defining or narrowing who you wish to offer your coaching services to will help you create your unique value proposition as a coach.  This separates you from other coaches who may or may not have a niche area or an area of expertise.  With the answers to these questions, you can brainstorm ideas on coaching process, related services, and how to market your coaching services for building your client base.

Coaching process and related services can be designed to target your specific niche and the clients you want to serve.  For example, sometimes consulting services, assessments, or training components are an excellent fit with your coaching.  At other times, offering group coaching or mastermind groups may create a value-added benefit for clients.

From this point, you have insights and a comfort level to prepare yourself for the next phase as discussed in the next blogs, knowing who you are marketing to and knowing what matters to your client.

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