Coaching Excellence 10 of 10

Coaching is all about the client. An excellent coach realizes their purpose is to serve as a partner to the client’s success. The excellent coach is the silent partner: they listen, ask short, simple questions, occasionally provide perspective, and ultimately empower the client to be in control and making the decisions.

The coaching process is designed to be client focused and directed. An excellent coach best serves the client by creating a space where the client feels heard and understood, focuses forward, considers their own motivation, creates change, develops new skills, plans their actions, experiences accountability, and achieves more effectively and efficiently.

Recognizing this level of excellence in a coach is easy: the coach provides the process and then does very little talking. The client experiences trust and rapport, opens their thinking, has the opportunity to explore their possibilities, and makes their own choices. The client identifies the coach as a resource and support.

Developing excellence in coaching begins in a good training program wherein the coach transitions from a focus on their desire to help others to an understanding of each client as a wonderful and capable individual whom it is a privilege to serve.

An excellent coach focuses on the client during coaching, and values the successes achieved by the client.

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