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Job Search

Continuing from the previous blogs: when Katrina felt good about her resume and social media profiles, she was ready to begin her job search.  During coach training we learn to brainstorm, and this became a great next technique to support Katrina. Job Search

During the coaching session, we brainstormed so Katrina had a list of options for her job search:

  • Job Boards
  • Identifying companies of interest and inquiring
  • Informational interviews
  • Networking
  • Unsolicited applications
  • Respond to job postings
  • Online resources like WikiJob.

Katrina next worked on her action plan.  Her steps included:

  • Post resume on selected job boards
  • Invest an hour each day researching companies online
  • Submit one inquiry each day to a company of interest
  • Ask for one informational interview each week
  • List people in her network and sort as referrals or contacts within a company of interest
  • Call or email two people in her network each week
  • Submit one unsolicited resume each week
  • Respond to two job postings each week
  • Research soft skills

A significant insight to this process learned in coaching certification is that while planning actions it is important to ask about value and meaning for the client.  When the client’s enthusiasm or energy shifts, ask about that too.  When the client becomes aware of significance for them in addition to planning actions, their follow-through increases.


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