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ICF Competencies Rating Levels

The ICF published a comparison table on their website that provides excellent awareness of the coaching competencies from the perspective of skill development.  Specifically, it details how they evaluate the competencies for those seeking each level of credentialing.  In this blog series we will review how each of the 11 Core Competencies is evaluated using the description for the competency and the expectations at all levels with an emphasis on the highest level.

First: What are the benefits of reading the publication on the ICF Core Competencies?  Prior to even beginning coach training, it makes sense to read about the Core Competencies because this provides awareness both of the skills you want to develop and their unique application in coaching.  For example, at the Center for Coaching Certification a copy of the ICF publication is emailed to all new registrants in the program.

Second: How does reading the ICF Comparison Table add value to coaching competency development?  Reading about what is considered passing and what is failing for each competency at each level of credentialing enhances understanding of both the competency and of coaching.

The comparison table evaluates competencies at each level of credentialing offered, the ACC, the PCC, and the MCC.  On the table are notes for what is passing and highlighted in blue are descriptions for not passing.  In this blog series we will discuss the evaluation for each of the Competencies.

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