4 Steps to Coaching for Possibilities

Put your coaching hat on!
If you could create the lifestyle you wanted, what would it look like? How would it feel? Because you can expand your opportunities now, are you willing to explore the possibilities?

Often, there is hesitation in moving forward. Because life happens, the focus is on working, paying the bills, taking care of the family. Somewhere along the way, dreams get lost or forgotten. Consider: How often do you put off something that you want or need until a better time? Does the better time ever happen? If you wait for a better time, chances are other things interfere. Now is an opportunity for you to intentionally choose your lifestyle.

1. Start by making a list of dreams. List everything! All of the dreams you have ever had from your childhood until now. Then sort the list of dreams into groups. Some dreams are realistic in the next year or two, others are for five to ten years from now, and still other dreams are for retirement. Perhaps some of the dreams are not what you want anymore at all.

2. Once the list of dreams is sorted by the time periods, focus on the dreams that belong in the next year or two. Consider how the dreams fit with your life. Imagine what your life becomes with those dreams as part of your reality. Spend time enjoying the time, and experience it as a real possibility.

3. What is holding you back? Make a list of all possible obstacles or excuses that keep you from making your dream a reality. Sometimes the obstacles are internal, sometimes they are external. Some obstacles stem from time or money limitations, others stem from the impact other people have on us, or the impact our dreams have on other people.

4. Now, create a plan of action to move past each and every obstacle. What will you do to remove each obstacle? Think outside the box and explore all possibilities. Because it is possible to move past the obstacles, your task is to figure out how you want to do it. List specific steps to take with the date and time for completing each step, then add the steps to your calendar.

Wow, look at what you have accomplished! You have created your list of dreams, and a plan of action. Sit back and enjoy your progress! Realize the potential and value of pursuing your dreams now, and move forward taking the steps to make it happen.

Have you ever had a New Years resolution that you forgot about within a month? Is that a possibility for you now? What is the difference between having dreams and goals and making those dreams and goals a reality? What does it take? What is it worth to you for you to live the lifestyle you choose?

The search for achieving goals and making dreams a reality leads more individuals to seek a coach. A great coach is an individual that can empower others to explore their own goals, and plan the steps for reaching each goal, plus create the accountability to achieving. The results of coaching are why individuals pay for a coach: they experience the natural abundance of life.

Extending the thought to the next natural level, do you want to reach your own highest level of effectiveness while empowering others to do the same? Consider the value of an opportunity to realize your potential and increase income through empowering others to achieve! Explore the value of having a coach, and then consider whether you see yourself in the role of coach. Explore the possibilities and the impact of training to provide a service that is in demand — coaching.

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