Center for Coaching Certification

The Importance of Coaching Competencies

rootsLearning and developing coaching competencies is foundational for being a coach.  On it’s surface, it demonstrates a respect for the work and for professionalism.  More importantly, it demonstrates both self-respect and respect for your clients.  Specifically, when you respect yourself you create opportunities to learn your craft and enhance your skills.  When you respect your clients you seek to maximize the quality of your services.

Client service is enhanced with ongoing development of your coaching competencies.  It is a win/win because your client gains and you as a coach gain too.  The client gains through enhanced results from the coaching process.  As a coach you gain because you feel good about what you are doing and you expand your opportunities for a successful business.

Developing coaching competencies makes good business sense.  Quite simply, providing quality services leads to earning referrals, which means business and a good reputation.

Developing your coaching competencies is an ethical commitment too, because you are ensuring you are providing your best.

The International Coach Federation and the Center for Coaching Certification provide support for developing your coaching competencies through training, continuing education, access to coaching services, and by being responsive to your calls and emails.

Please let us know how we can be helpful.

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